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Hi All
My tenants handed there notice in on the 15th of july i told them because there rent date was on the 2nd they would have to wait until 2nd aug to move out 1st september,they weren't happy at all with this they then cancelled there LHA which goes direct to me and told council they had moved out on the 9th aug also they cancelled there council tax i was then 438 down on rent not forgetting they hadn't paid there shortfall for the past 3 months which i just deducted off the deposit as for the deposit well it was taken 2/12/07 and i didn't put it in a scheme.
A week before there due date of moving out i tried to contact them every day as i had new tenants moving in on the 1st september and they had already told me they would be gone on the 30th,they didn't return any of my calls whatsoever.
On the 1st my new tenants arrived with there furniture,the front and back door had been left unlocked so we entered,there was smells of urine everywhere and they had left a dying fish rubbish everywhere settee which was covered in pea so we had to get it out the house straight away,also there was a bed upstairs and broken wardrobes,there was fleas everywhere and the whole hse stunk,during the 2 yrs of tenancy they were fine so i assumed they had pead all over for spite also there was poo rubbed in the carpet upstairs,all we could do was chuck everything out and clean up,the new tenants were great as they helped me and didn't complain.
Today i got a phone call from the old tenant saying that he had went for his stuff and was not happy that i had chucked it out and that he was going to see a solicotor,he also admitted to me that i was doing him a favour by doing this as he had bought a new one anyway,i was worried that he will go to a solicotor so have agreed to give him 400 to settle the dispute,he said he would speak to his partner and let me know tomorrow wether it be $00 or a solicotor,can anyone tell me if theres a way of getting out of this if he goes for the solicotor
02/09/2009 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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