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Problems with a newly refurbished property

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I recently let a newly refurbished flat as I am a letting agent for 10 years. The tenant moved in and I did warn her at the start that there could be teething problems as it was a newly refurbished flat (this was 4 weeks ago). Firstly the gas hob did not work for 4 days then once it was turned on (as that was the problem) it had a gas leak which I fixed straight away using my own gas engineer as a matter of urgency. It was unfortunate but it was installed the week before by a corgi reg engineer who the owners use regularly and that matter is to be dealt with by the owners and the regulators etc. I apologised profusely and offered compensation a small sum for the inconvenience of not having a hob for in total 5 days after the repair. They are still unhappy with the small compensation offer being 50.00.
Next in the last 10 days tiny green spores have appeared on one wall very faint and not everywhere but it is causing a wet sort of feel to the bed linen and the kitchen plumbing has a small leak under the sink. Due to the above they want to move out which I have agreed so all the above can be fixed while the flat is empty and I have organised with the landlord compensation for the bed linen. The boyfriend of the girl that lives in the property (who is just rude and horrible) has demanded from me a whole months rent back and compensation on top plus removal costs were mentioned. I feel that this is slightly over the top as I am currently finding her somewhere else to move to have been more than helpful and supportive but whatever I say is not good enough - plus everything I do say I have to tell the landlord first and it is alot of going back and forth with answers to questions. I would like to know what they are entitled to before the matter gets out of hand. The landlord has not been that helpful really which makes it worse as they keep slagging off the landlord to me. Advice needed. I have never encountered this sort of thing before all my tenants are lovely and work with me but these are just completely against me. I also think as the tenancy agreement has the one name being a nice young lady I shouldn't be dealing with her father and boyfriend who are stirring it up as they do not live there. Thank you very much hope someone can help so I can put them all right about what monies they can have.
31/10/2006 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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