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Lincoln council had a policy where they gurantee tenant deposit on a letter instead of giving the landlord in money.
I have a tenant from the Lincoln council who left the property in a deplorable state before I could inspect the property at the end of her tenancy.

I went to the council who told me that they would have to see the house before they could do any thing.I took them they, and I was asked to take some photographic evidence and write all the items damaged and abandoned junk. I did that, only to be told that the deposit did not garantee cover for abandoned items, cleaning the house and all the rubbish in the house, that it only gurantees damage.That I should also produce receipt for the job done.The thing is that I did the job with few guys which I paid them because I want the house ready to be let as soon as possible. Hence I sent invoice to the council.The thing is that when the tenant went in she was told that she will return the property in the state she found it. That was not the case, and the council are been difficult.The agent that got the tenant for me told me that if they refuse to pay, that I either take them to court or pursue the tenant through her gurantor.
What are my options? What do I do in this case?
Thank you

22/11/2006 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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