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joint TA in a 3 bedded student property/ and N T Quit

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3 student tenants signed a joint AST. One became very anti-social,stopped speaking to me and his house mates, then stopped paying his share of the rent,etc.[D Absoloms help was invaluable].

Served relevant Sections on him and he finally left the house to every one's relief, days before the expiry date on these.

My question relates to the requirements of the AST and it's joint and several responsibility for the 3 tenants to cover each others rent defaults. The Accreditation Scheme I signed up to demands that I do not tolerate stress-inducing anti-social behaviour. Then the refusal to pay rent finally sealed the errant tenants fate.

As the 3rd room vacancy goes into a second month with no hope of a third tenant at this point in the academic year,[see my previous posting about Manchester Student Homes restricting students viewing my expensive advert] my mind turns towards invoking the above Terms of the TA that runs in it's present form until March.
For me not to do this leaves the way clear for the two tenants to continue enjoying a spacious property at 2/3rds the agreed rent and for them to make weak effort [however loudly protested]to entice another to join them in the house. The two remaining have indicated they would not welcome this 1/3 rent demand and make no effort to make the house inviting to potential tenants anyway, or even post wanted ads on the student INTRANET.
The adage of the bird in the hand etc ...means I am getting at least 2 rents, which I may lose if I try to invoke the Terms of the TA outlined above, ending up with an empty house and void periods until new influx in August.
Morally, I feel that I should bear the loss of rental income until March when the TA ends - and decide then whether to renew it in light of the un-cooperativeness of the present incumbents with this 'horns of a dilemma'issue.
Whilst I would like to flag the domino/ripple effect that Notices can have on a joint AST, I am really trawling for colleagues views or experiences on this moral maze issue.

Many thanks. Good lettings in 2007 and beyond.
Rozer D

07/01/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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