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Management compnay issue

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I was approached by my mamgement company to see if I would release my exsisitng tennants out of their 12 month contract as they had managed to get a mortgage sooner, baby on the way etc. I agreed providing if they paid my next marketing fee and took care of the rental payments until it was re let.

I had asked if I could be present when they did the move out, the tennants had a small child and the property is to a high standard &wanted to ensure it had been kept that way. On the day of the meeting I found the kitchen cupboards had been burnt and a also the new fridge freezer that was less than 12 months old. The carpets were dirty and stained. The upstairs bedroom paintwork was damamged as blue tac had pulled all the paper off.The house was dirty esp the kitchen. The cutains they had put up on the provisor that they would stay as i had provided blinds throughout the house and didn't want drilling in the walls had been taken. I then found out they had already returned the deposit 2 weeks prior without checking it.

The new tennant was moving in the same day. She was not happy with the state of the property (understandably). The management company then proceeded to tell her she would have a new kitchen without my knowledge.

I have got them to paint the walls and clean the carpets. The kitchen has cost me 2000.00 to repair but they will contribute nothing.

They state they are not at fault. Cannot explain why the damage was not reported. No apologies.

I have followed the complaints procedure and the informed the nrla who they are regulated by, but suspect I will not get very far. I am not after the full 2000, but think they should contribute something. I have asked them to claim on their insurance but was told it was not possible. Is there anything I can do?

Many thanks

06/07/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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