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I have just rented out my property to a young girl with a child ( the property was on the market and I was going through an agent) I have received 650 deposit and 250 for 2 weeks rent as she wanted to go in and paint the bedroom, she has asked to fill in the pond (which I have agreed and erect a fence to the front of the property) Stupidly I have not taken up any references, the lady claims housing benifit, Her and her boyfreind asked if I could let it for 2 years and then they would purchase the property, though I have decided only to let it for 6 months ( she has signed to say it is a six month contract, but her boyfriend has not signed the contract. Could you please advise me I am worried that I have not gone through the correct channels and may not be able to get my rpoperty back in six months time. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated, I had a text saying that someone was house sitting while they were on holiday which I wasn't too happy about. Also I have received a letter from the rent office saying that a fair rent would be 400 per calender month but she is not guareenteed to get this amount the rent I charge is 485 per month, she has the keys to the property is there anything I can do.
thank your Karen Furnmiss
18/09/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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