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I have a modern, 3 story house that has four professional, unrelated occupants and is registered with the local council as a unlicensed HMO.

Recently the fire department &council contacted me and told me that despite the property taking only 4 occupants (maximum) and being unlicensed I need to install a BS5839 alarm system part six LD2.

Looking at the RLA table the property only comes under the Building Act leglislation, the Housing Health &Safety Rating System and the HMO management regulations. This does not include the Fire Safety Order 2005 that the fire department are quoting.

I have received quotes for the work and have been greeted with great surprise by the Fire Alarm companies, as the level of alarm system which has been specified is for commercial/industrial premises or much larger HMOs/bedsits and not for a modern domestic 5 bedroomed house.

Overall there seems to be great confusion over this issue and not all councils appear to have the same interpretation.

Can you please state whether and unlicensed HMO which has 3 stories but only 4 or less people does come under the Fire Safety Order? If it doesn't as the RLA guide suggests, then does the HHSRS leglislation overide this?

Also can you please advise on what authority/government body I can approach to get a difinite answer to this issue as the Fire Safety Order is supposed to be consistant throughout the whole country.

Many thanks.

01/10/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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