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I've recieved a date get rid of the tenants from hell, however its the same day i'm having an inspection at work. I have wrote to the court to get the day changed. Is there an application I have to fill in as well? I have asked the court to relist for after 19/04/09 as that the day the tenancy agreement ends. This way they can't figth in court, but if i go ahead with the hearing now they can, and will.
Also, i have recieved a letter from a solictor stating if i take them to court they will figth for them and i have to pay the cost. Is this for real? Can i tenant do that when i'm taking them to court? If so, can they pay my fees? Also, this solictor has told me i've not filed a correct S21, however the same day they wrote their letter i filed a new one to the tenants, their housing benifit office, and to the envoirmental heath office and them ( done this as they came they don't recieve). I have now sent copies to their solictor. My hopes are:
1) New court date comes after 19th april 2009
2) They can't state they never recieved S21 as too many people now have a copy of it.
3) I can get them out either on their own steam, or via balfits.

Please tell me what you all think. Any advise would be happy recieved.

14/02/2009 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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