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my tenant is moving out after 6 months into a 12 month agreement, her reason...mold. I have never had a problem of mold with the previous tenants, the way she described it was horrendous, her little girl is under the doctor for chest problems and has been advised not to live there (she doesn't now and I discovered she wanted my place as a stop gap until she could move in with her boyfriend). She is paid up until end of October and has been told she is obligated to pay rent until I find someone else (so far no luck)she has intimated she will not pay. I checked the house the same day she told me, and I discovered in a very very cold house....a few white mold bits an the tv, a line of grey mold in the kids bedroom on the carpet just where the edge of the bed is (obviously a spilled drink) and in the kitchen... several specks of mold on the wall and ceiling which to me looked like a spray from a can of coke. The toaster. kettle and counter top did have mold as did the kitchen base unit doors. on closer examination I noticed everything was covered with fat presumably from her George foreman grill sited in the middle, the fat was everywhere and run marks were down the doors. The tumble dryer was not hooked up to the air vent either. The whole house was disgustingly filthy and to top it all...the ash tray was full. I took lots of photo's and there is a guarantor. I cleaned the mold and it has not returned in two weeks, I believe this is purely down to lack of heating and hygiene. If she does not pay until I get a new tenant should I sue? I had a few calls from prospective tenants but two actually knew the house and stated they believed it had problems and declined a viewing!
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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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