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I'm unsure how I can value the following on our claim against a tenant who is claiming against us. Some because I don't know whether I can charge and some because I don't how to charge because it's our time rather than something that can be invoiced.

I spent about two hours extracting things from garden like 2 old baths, toilet, sink, broken glass and parts of a greenhouse (glass panes and door frame which used to belong to a neighbour, children's toys and pool, broken mirrors, bathroom wall panels, pet cage & feeding equipment for a tortoise that went missing in the garden, garden chairs, old towels, hard hat, hi-vis jacket etc. I have put them in a big pile to put in a skip I guess, so could quote for skip but as ex-tenant is claiming against me for their belongings, I'm concerned in case they count these as their belongings and may want to retrieve or take some of those things (They left in August but put a court claim in November 2011.

I spent one and a half hours emptying the attic of the ex-tenants personal belongings - clothes, children's toys, momentoes, business affairs, bank statements etc. All covered in fibreglass from insulation. By the time I bring them downstairs from the spare room to outside or into a skip etc, this could easily be two and a half hours.

Can I charge for a new carpet when there is a ring mark on it? The ex-tenant did clean the carpet but left the shampoo in the carpet, so next tenant did it again two times to get product out but found stains from we assume tortoise (domesticated???). The stains were not there when we originally checked the house after ex-tenant left, but appeared whilst cleaning the carpet. The carpet is the same throughout the house but I can really only justify that carpet part being replaced which will mean it won't be matching the rest of the property carpet. I'm prepared to not charge for the Underlay even though there are some stains on that as it will be more than the bond value. I also assume that I cannot charge for the carpeting of the whole house just to ensure it's the same through it's very black around the edges. Hopefully a proper clean will do that.

an oven which we paid the major amount and tenant contributed towards in 2010. It took two attempts to clean the grease out and found enamel coat had disappeared off the base. Can we charge for new oven? The first oven the tenant rang up and said the oven door glass had exploded and insisted that I shoudl replace it but I was not prepared to buy a SMEG which the tenant wanted although the tenant offered to pay the difference in order to have a SMEG. If I can charge the tenant to replace this one with no enamel now, should I charge for a SMEG or one of a cheaper brand but perhaps more reliable?

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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