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Few months ago I had a tenant on housing benefits and we both agreed that the Council would pay the rent directly to my bank account. All the appropriate forms were signed but 2 months later I was without any rent paid. The tenant was blaming the council for not paying the rent and on the other hand the Council was explaining that new applications take long time to be approved and I have to wait until they complete the case. A reputable estate agent whom I paid for the service found this tenant for me, and a 6 months tenancy agreement was signed for £700/monthly rent. 2 months later the Council decided that the housing benefits for that person will be only £600 and they transferred the 2 months rent to the tenants banc account. After complaining to the Council I was told that the money was given to the tenant because she gave them additional instruction to do so. The Council started paying me directly from month 3 onwards but I never received a penny from the tenant for the first two months plus the difference of £100/mothly. The estate agent said that because they didnít manage the property they could not help with the eviction process and the Council said that the tenant is entitled to receive the money directly. My frustration was enormous. What is your comment and advice to avoid similar problems in future?
Thanks. Dan
26/10/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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