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I am doing my deposit now as the agent didn't after April 2007.
I now have the certificate and they have put Grandpa instead of Mr s Carr, does that matter.
Do all the dates for the tenant and the interested party have to be signed on the same day. My tenant is from hell and her Grandpa is the other end of town and not speaking.
Does Grandpa have to sign the prescribed information form if he is unavailable.
Suppose tenant is unavailable.
I have until friday to get the info to them to be within the 14 days.
I have untill 18th. to serve the Section 21. It will be the second one as the first now is invalid because of the certificate. Mydeposits said the prescribed info was the Tenant info so I did not realize until a bit late what the prescribed info was. I was miss led.
Grandpas name is now on the certificate as Grandpa, it should be Mr S Carr does that matter? I have to aple in writing to Mydeposits to change it. Would an email do? Time is short.
On the front of the Prescribed info it says Tenant or Relevant person, its not clear which is most important. As Grandpa's address does not appear on the Tenancy agreement only his signature as the Guarentor and deposit giver. If I put tenant's name would that be OK.
Very worried. I may end up with a solicitor.

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07/12/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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