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Please could you respond to my item on the forum as i am quiet anxious to get this matter resolved

I currently have 2 tenants who are not getting on. One wants to leave (and is requesting deposit returned and to be taken off the agreement)and the other can find a replacement. The leaving tenant intends to go on 2 August and the new tenant can move in on that date. The existing ASU is due to finish on 2/11
What should I do with the existing Tenancy agreement which runs until November? I would like to remove the leaving tenant, but what forms do I need to issue to her - she has emailed me with her intentions - Do I need to issue a Section 21 for 3 weeks, or will an email do?

How do I amend the existing contract, or end it in 3 weeks? Do I need a form? or do I just get a new AST for 3 months drawn up, as the existing tenant has stated that they want to leave on 2 November, when the existing AST ends

Should I end the existing agreement early - if so do I serve any special forms or will an email be sufficient? Then draw up a new one for the remaining tenant and the replacement one for the last 3 months, or can I just write a memo and attach it to the existing agreement?

The remaining tenant wants a new contract in his name only, wants me to hold the new tenants deposit on his behalf, which I can do through the DPA, but I do not what a contract with this new person and the remaining tenant is happy to take full responsibility, and get a sub let agreement between him and the new tenant

So much to do in just 3 weeks and I am conscious that I need to follow correct procedure

Any advice would be appreciated

09/07/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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