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Hi at the RLA,
I find myself once more in need of your guidance.
Some history.
I have a tenant who despite the terms of his contract has on two occasions recently breached basic safety requirements.
The first involved the unauthorised changing of an electrical light fitting which he attempted himself and made an absolute mess of requiring professional intervention to rectify the matter. Thankfuly no one was hurtand and the tenant footed the bil.
Secondly and more alarmingly he recently removed a smoke detector from the living room on the premises.
Both of these events came to light after visiting the premises to deal with reported failures. One to deal with a failed washing machine the second to deal with a drain problem.
I feel he has been caught out twice purely because of the prompt nature in which I like to deal with any problems that arise with my properties.(I am not blowing my own trumpet here. Haha)

The 24 hour clause.
As you will be aware this clause calls for a notification period of twenty four hours to be given to tenant(s) prior to a landlords right to carry out an inspection.
This of course removes the random act of surprise and thus any untoward goings on by the tenant can be covered up to great extent.

As I am now deeply concerned about this tenants regard for safety would it be in order, in view of what has happened for me to visit the premises unannouced say on a monthly basis.

I hold the view if this tenant is caught again contravening simple safety guidelines it is a case of three strikes and your out mister.
Thankyou for your attention in this matter.
Mike O' Connor

09/12/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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