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Hi All
I'm really annoyed today thanks to the council
My tenant was recently burgled and the police were involved,nothing was taken apart from 200 so the police assume that this was someone who new them,for what reason i dont know but the council got involved and had a nosey round the house started pulling it to bits.
They have now served me a notice to get things sorted out within 14 days
They have asked for someone to come out and tighten taps,change locks on doors to 5 lever locks(is this compulsory)also there was a fine crack down wall which is hairline,ground floor toilet has no handle,not even gonna ask where that went but i was not told bout it but what has really got my back up is there is a burgler alarm and i never got the code for it they are demanding that i get a code,can i tell them to get lost on this one as i would love to have the pleasure but i would like to ask you lot first,i feel that i cannot be forced on this one,i know i will get round to it but at mo i am just constantly pulling out these past few months and i have a back log of jobs being done which are more important,they were also keep asking my tenant if i have ever upset them and what i was like as a landlord and was i unreliable with having things done straight away so i am also not happy with this lucky enough my tenants said i was good,i would appreciate the advise thanks
08/07/2009 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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