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I did inspection in my property and I was not happy. The bathroom light and the fan was not working. The tenant did not report it to me. My bathroom hasn't got windows so the bathroom need the light so then the fan will come on. She drying her baby clothes in the property with windows close. I told her please do not dry you close in the property with windows close. She said I can't open the windows because I got a baby. Then I told her dry your close outside the garden, she said it always raining outside. Then I told her you will damager the flooring and you will cause the condensation in the property and she start to get angry with me and said rubbish and told me I rent other property with windows close and drying clothes and they was no condensation in the property. She marked half the hallway walls, the bathroom door half the paint rub off, I just decorative my property in December 2011 she moved in the property on the 19/03/12. What can I do for her to stop drying her close in my property with windows close? Could I tell my Solicitor to write her letter? Also can I write to her guarantor a letter? She not listen to me and I find her very rude, she showing no respect to me and I am not having her speaking to me in that way. I gave her a clean property and she spit at me.


07/07/2012 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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