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I feel the need to rant about how unfair their process is & to warn others.

A tenant left the house very unclean due to pets that were never allowed.They didnt respond to any of my letters providing costings and quotes.I had to wait 14 days to ask for a stat dec form & sent it off with the quotes then waited a further 14 days.On the 13th day the tenants replied to the DPS saying it was clean when they left and they didnt agree to us replacing the underlay soiled by urine claiming it wasnt present anyway.Our inventory didnt list it but i have not seen one that does.

The next step is the one that is totally unfair and one that needs looking at.The DPS wrote to us giving us allowing 7 days to respond (this is from the date of their letter) not from its receipt - this part is NOT made clear on their letter so is ambiguous.This happened during a postal strike and why dodnt they send correspondance by email? I find this 7 day rule completely unworkable.By the time we receive the letter & then add on the weekend it leaves a day. In a rush we had to go back to the original supplier and get statement all within the day turnround.

All the tenant has to do is write a letter to dispute. All the hard work providing evidence comes from us. How are we expected to know what the tenant is going to bring up and provide evidence against their claim within such a short period of time?.

Has anyone else experinced the same 7 day rule with the other schemes?.

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19/11/2009 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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