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Problems with DPS Deposit Protection Service

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Mr Millet
Mr Millet
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I am totally frustrated by the incompetence, laziness of staff, time delays, poor operating procedures etc of the DPS. I have written a letter of complaint but get the same answer from their complaints department as from their staff, ie, "we try to provide a good service within the constraints of staff numbers / it is in our terms and conditions that....". Examples are:
1. Having Stat dec's returned where they claimed the Stat dec was a photo copy... it wasn't and the signature of the solicitor was in bright blue in so it was obvious. 2. Having a stat dec returned as it was missing. It was included in the List of Enclosures in the covering letter and was Enc. 7 (they did not even bother reading the covering letter and when I complained they said it was "hidden" within my Submission. 3. Being told that if I sent in the copy of the Stat dec which had been provided by the signing Solicitor, signed and certified as a true copy of the original at the time he signed the original stat dec. (I was hoping to save time by not having to repeat ordering a stat dec), that if I sent this in, it would be returned as it was a copy (even though it was certified by a solicitor as a true copy of the original). 4. Having a claim returned as I had not informed the tenant that I would be making a deduction even though I had and again... the e mail was included in the list of Enclosures and no one had bothered to read it. 5. Each time a Stat Dec was returned for whatever reason, no new Stat Dec was provided, I had to wait until I received the returned item then order a new one online (incurring further delays). I wish I'd used another service but as I have several properties with multiple tenancies in each property, all tenancies start at different times within each property so using the TDS will be very expensive.
Does anyone know if there is an authority I can take my complaint to who might take action against the DPS in order to force them to sort their **** out???
17/08/2012 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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