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Deductions from tenants deposit

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Hello. A tenant moved out of a flat last month and the agent has his deposit. He had rented the flat for nearly 5 years so there was no TDS in place. I have checked the property myself after the agent and I agreed with him that the flat needed a proper clean which should be deducted from the deposit. However, the agent hadn't told me about an 8-10 inch cut through the carpet, but admitted this when I raised the issue. The tenant told the agent that it was there when he moved in but I know it wasn't and so does the agent as it wasn't on the inventory. The carpet was new when he moved in as was the kitchen and bathroom. The oven now needs a professional clean. The agent thinks that I should just get "compensation" for the torn carpet as it is a large 2-room expanse of carpet, and the tenant always paid his rent on time.
The deposit is only 450 from which these 3 things should be paid for i.e. professional oven clean, thorough flat clean, and a new carpet or "compensation". Apart from the oven cleaning I could do the cleaning myself and put in an invoice for that but I feel that the carpet should be paid for. Please can you advise me as I feel that the agent wants me to give in and make it easy for him to return the tenant's deposit. many thanks.
10/05/2010 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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