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One of my houses is the second up in a row of six. The rear yard is communal, however the end (sixth) house has fenced their bit off and no access through is needed. My new tenant has done the same much to the annoyance of the person in the sixth house who has to pass through my tenants yard now. it is gated to let other home occupiers pass through. However, the people in the end (sixth house) insist on wedging the gates in the rear yard of my house open resulting in my tenants 5 year old running out and into the path of a car on the very main road outside! Fortunately his injuries were not too serious.All the neighbours were aware of this accident and sympathetic...with the exception of the people in the 6th house! my tenant has now put a spring loaded hinge on the gates with a note asking to keep gates closed....guess what (and guess who)...someone has kicked the gates off and even cut the washing lines down!! The people at the sixth house have left a note for my tenant telling them to remove the fence and gates or they will report them to the council!! I cant see what the council have to do with this situation,should I get involved? should my tenant inform the police? can anyone advise please.
18/03/2009 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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