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I rent a property to young professionals and use the rent a room agreement.

The property I rent out was newly renovated when housemate X moved in . So brand new everything the house was nicer than my own. We have unsigned photos of X's room, but did no inventory that housemate X signed.

I served housemate X 2 months notice as he broke several of the clauses in the rent a room contract (mainly relating to keeping the communal areas clean and tidy). He left early without warning so we weren't able to check his room with him; and he failed to reply to my messages.

The damage he caused to his room amounts to well over the £335 deposit he paid. He had had a fire door off its hinges so its cracked, there was blood over the bed and carpets so new bed and carpets have to be cleaned, the walls were damaged and filthy so we had to get the decorators in etc etc

I left him a message saying I woudln't be able to provide him a reference and listed the damage and the £values. I never heard back from him.

Last week X's girlfriends mum called us. She was ranting on the phone and we said we couldn't discuss X's siuation with anyone but him. We aren't 100% sure what she was trying to dispute on behalf of X, she did admit that she knew the bed was a mess, she told us he had re painted the room (he has lied to her because what he has done is put thick blobs of paint over where his pictures pulled the plaster off the walls, which actually made the job harder for my decorators).

I am worried because she did mention the fact we have no inventory. Also his agreement had "run out" but I had been advised that the terms of the agreement would just run on a monthly basis after the end date.

There really is no disputing the dmamage he has left and the other housemates are keen to back me up, however I have just left myself wide open due to no inventory and end date being reached on the agreement. Is it an urban myth that the terms just run on???

Thanks for any help

p.s. his deposit is registered with my deposits, but due to agreement issues not sure they would arbitrate now!?!

07/08/2011 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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