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I have a tenant who has moved out. In the tenancy agreement which I get from RLA it states..... "You will get the deposit back when this agreement ends and you leave the property, as long as you have
kept to all the agreements and conditions and you have paid all the rent and bills for the property. If you
do not do so, we may take from your deposit any rent, or other money you owe us, reasonable
compensation if you have broken any of your agreements, or the reasonable cost of making good any
damage which is not caused by fair wear and tear. We will keep the deposit until you have produced
satisfactory proof that you have paid for the utility bills (electricity, gas, water and phone) for the property.
If you fail to provide proof, we may pay any charges you owe and claim these from you. If we cannot
agree any of these amounts, the matter will be decided by the county court unless we can agree on some
other way of sorting out the dispute".....

My concern is that if I give the deposit back to the tenant without getting proof that he has paid all utility bills, would I be liable in any way to be made to pay for the utility bills that the tenant may not have paid.

I have asked the DPS this question and they just seem to steer away from answering the question.



22/11/2010 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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