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Can i please check that my understanding of this situation is correct? I Let a property to Tenant A and his girlfriend Tenant B (joint tenants)on the 26th Feb 2005 and accepted a deposit of 350.00. The 6 month AST was renewed on 26/08/2005. In Nov 2005 the couple split up and the girlfriend (tenant B) moved out and Tenant A asked if his mate could move in to share expenses thus enabling him to continue to afford to rent the house. So Tenant A and his mate (tenant C) remained in the property, the mate having paid the girlfriend (tenant b) half the deposit, and the two guys shared the rent between them with no problems for a few months.

In March 2006 Tenant A moved out and the Mate asked if he could take over the tenancy with his girlfriend under a new agreement (Tenants C and D) They dealt with the deposit by Tenant C (the mate) paying Tenant A the deposit in full and leaving the money with me to cover the deposit for the new agreement & Tenant A issued a letter to myself to this effect dated 10/04/2006.

The new 6 month AST agreement for the mate and his girlfriend (Tenants C & D) started on 1/04/2006 and was renewed on 01/10/2006 and 01/04/2007 thereafter it became a periodic tenancy and the same tenants are currently still in the property.

I just want to be sure that I have correctly understood the situation regarding protection of this deposit, so am i correct in believing that....

I do not need to protect this deposit as it was received before 6/04/2007 and the last AST started before 6/04/2007.

If I issue a new updated AST (which I plan to do later this year) I will need to protect the deposit at that time.

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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