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When my tenant moved out we paid for a professional check out inventory to be done by the same company that completed the check in inventory. However, I am finding that this is significantly lacking in information.

The notes/recommended action recorded on the check out report mainly say ‘note to landlord’ which I understand is bringing my attention to the fact that these items are different to the check in report. I thought that they would offer some kind of judgement as to who is responsible and maybe even suggest suitable costs where possible.

There is also no photographic evidence of anything so the 3-4 word description of the check out condition is all the information I have.

But my biggest concern is that they completely missed the fact that my old tenant had drilled 3 large holes in a UPVC panel and managed to melt the UPVC windowsill, which I have photos of. I can only imagine they did this to plumb a washer/dryer in. Having spoken to the inventory company they told me that because my old tenant had positioned something in front of them they were not spotted and that they are not expected to move things. The only item of furniture that was in the property was a modern opened backed book shelf which I feel they should have been able to seen through. When the inventory company came back to do my new tenant check in (which I’m now thinking was a really bad move) they agreed with my opinion of the damage and said they would back me up. However, as this is not on the check out inventory my old tenant is refusing to discuss it. Am I right in thinking that I will now have to peruse these costs through court?

Can you please give me your expert opinion on the service the inventory company has provided? And as the deposit is held by the DPS would it be best to let one of their adjudicators decide on the matter?

Many thanks

28/05/2012 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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