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we have rented our 250yr old cottage to a family for 5 years and they have neglected (not abused) the property.
the bushes and the garden are overgrown
a small wall has been knocked down
the tiled patio needs scrubbing
the integrated fridge has a broken freezer box and milk shelves and trays missing
the dishwasher doesnt work
no repainting or redecoration has been done so we havead to do all the house again
the worst thing is they the cottage was damp and indeed there arer damp patches around the house \9so we have had to re-paper a lot of it)we have had a damp expert out who has said it isnt damp (we had a damp course when we bought it in 2000)it is codensation and was caused by
1)the tenants not venting the double glazed windows and
2)by them only having the central heating on for 5 hours per day (in total)and when it is on they are running a calor gas fire aswell so the house gets very hot then when they turn off the heating it is extremely cold in the winter. so the extremes of temperature have caused the condensation resulting in mold and the whole house having to be redecoreated.

what can we reasonably (if anything?)withold from their bond towards the costs? we have spent 1300 so far without replacing the fridge and tumble dryer and the fridge and the bond i have in the DPS was 900

23/01/2013 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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