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Tenants deposit Agency problems

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I have a close friend who has rented a bungalow, for three years, the agents are trying to keep her deposit of 800, they have told her that she has to get the carpet professionally cleaned after before moving out. I have inspected the bungalow for her, and she has kept it spotless, the house used to be an old ladys and the carpets are years old.

I have looked thru her check in inventory, inside there there is a form that clearly states that she only has to vacuum upon move out.

I have looked thru her paperwork, and there is no sign of her deposit being protected at all.

I feel that this is just an agent picking on a lady who has no clue about her rights, and I hate bullies !!

I am going to email them tonight with her,

I want to clarify the following

1. Full details of where the deposit is protected ?
2. Why she has not received her prescribed information regarding the deposit ( A legal requirement from April ?? )

I want to let them know that if they have kept the deposit without protecting it they are liable for a fine !!

Can someone word it correctly for her, and also is there anymore questions that we can ask, that will let them know that she wont be bullied, !!

Its because of agents and dodgy people like these that all this legislation was brought in, it gives us good landlords a very bad name

Thank you for any advice or wording

best regards

02/10/2012 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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