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Property No1: The boiler passed the gas safety certificate, however it said as a note that Boiler- Inadequate clearances, should be 5cm either side of the boiler. NCS. Does this mean I have to rip out the cupboard that it is in straight away as it is NCS even though the boiler has passed!

Property No 2: The plumbers checked the gas safety hob, they said the pipe behind needs to be upgraded as its NCS. The oven has been in there for over 5 years, so probably wouldn't be up to current standards, does this pipe have to be changed, or can it wait until the kitchen is refurbished and knew cooker in (this might not be for another few years!) The last gas safety checks never questioned this.

Property No 3: Gas safety Check passed again, but after 3 years of visits from same company I am suddenly told "No FSD fitted in a multi dwelling property and no visible local point of isolation. Both are NCS: This flat is in a detatched house with one flat below it, so only two in the building. The kitchen has been in there for over 10 years and suddenly am told this.

What is your liability with NCS for gas safety inspections. Surely with new standards coming in all the time your appliances might always have something saying NCS!



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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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