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A landlord is sometimes faced with a tenant refusing to grant access for inspections, repairs and gas checks. The landlord should firstly talk to the tenant to find out what the problem is. As regards inspections, he should explain that they are, in the end, for the tenantís benefit, as the condition of the property will be checked to see if any repairs are necessary, which the tenant might not have informed the landlord about. /as regards gas checks, provided all reasonable attempts have been made to get the annual check done, the landlord will not be prosecuted. He should, however, report the position to the local Health and Safety Executive (HSE), in order to protect his position. Finally, the landlord cannot be held liable for breach of his repairing covenants if the tenant will not allow him access to carry these out.

In such circumstances, the landlord must remember that if the tenant does not allow him access for the above, he must not just use his keys to gain access as he would be committing a criminal offence (harassment). The best way forward for the landlord would be to seek possession of the property.

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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