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I've just had a very bad tenant who finally left the apartment the day I got possesion through the courts (and he left then only on the basis he was told the bailiffs were coming that day).
Putting my anger aside for the moment, that it took so long (4 months)to get to that point going the legal route due to courts (Salford) inefficiency - and the tenant getting away with 6K rent (its a luxuary apartment - 1350 a month)... I have since discovered he had previously done the same thing in another block across 100yds away (Salford Quays) previously. And given the amount of debters, unpaid police fines for speeding and parking, unpaid council tax, electric, etc I am now finding - its likely he's doing the same thing to another landlord somewhere. (Well in fact I know where!)

My question is - can the RLA not run a confidential register of bad tenants? I can see it wouldn't be any where near comprehensive but may would at least give you the satisfaction of putting your bad tenant on the list! I did find somthing on the net but it cost a 5 to look at the list, so I passed on adding him to that as I'd decided he'd cost me more than enough!

27/05/2006 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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