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2000 arrears

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dears sirs

i have a tenant protected by 1988 housaing act in a property i bought in april 2006. arreras at time of purchase were 683 they are now at 1977. original rent passing on purchase was 200 every four weeks, i have since put up at two month intervals with eight weeks notice each time to now 280 and notice to increase to 320 just served.. fair rent registration was applied for by T .. fair rent officer said would be 325 exclusive of wates/council tax and T withdrew fair rent application...

T is presently moved on a temp basis to alternative flat in the block of 9 i own...(whilst i undertake refurb of all) and is refusing to pay rent on basis "i have not given him a rent book"... reaity is he has a rent book which he refuses to present for up date?... can you advise on how i can ensure i stay within the law..... i anticipate proceedings for possesion is my only real long term solution as previuous landlord gave up after heart attack.....but possibly easier to TRY and reslove T's issues and have arears apid.. howver unlikley?

can you also advise on proceedings for possesion.. liklihood of succes?

thankyou for your help in anticipation


19/12/2006 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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