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Tenant is owing 2 months rent. Rent is due on the 26th of the month. Tenant paid rent last on 26th October 2006. All attempts to get in touch with tenant failed. Letting agent who found Tenant couldn't get hold of him either. We visited property only to find a friend in the property who told us Tenant has been on holidays for a month and that he will be back in a weeks time. We phoned property after a week, lodger told us a different story that Tenant is working away but did not tell us where. Lodger agreed and promissed to pay outstanding rent but didn't. Both tenant and lodgers phone remained unanswered. We issued a notice of breach of contract and intention to take matter to court to recover rent. Tenant phoned me on wednesday 27th December 2006 to say that he has just come back from the US where he lost his passtport and other belongings and can't gain acess into the property and that his friend(the lodger) said he left the key in the letter box but it is not there and that I should kindly let him in. I was excited at least to have spoken to him. He also promissed to settle his rent. When I went to the property he was waiting outside the appartment. As to how he gained access into the main building I do not know. He wanted to give me a cheque but I declined. So we went to his bank for him to cash the money and pay us with cash. To cut the long story short, Tenant was 4000.00 Overdrawn with the bank and claimes he does not know how. He wanted me to give hime another key I refused. He said to me he is going to sort out the money and that I should give 24 hours. After more than 24 hours all i got was a text from him sent around 9.30pm saying this: Mr James, I will pay you your money 1,000 but after consulting with both my solicitor an a legal letting consultant, you dealt with me improperly yesterday. You in-infact evicted me from the property without notice! your letter did (a) not mention eviction and (b) gave me until 04.01.07.

What should I do?

29/12/2006 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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