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I have a problem tenant within a student group who has been upleasant enough to cause 2 of the 6 tenatns to move out. I agree that his behaviour is soemthing I would not want to live with and that they have tried reasonable steps to remedy the situation. It is my opinion that it is him who should leave the property - the same thing happened in his previous year house with another group.

The grounds I have for evicting him are:
Starting a fire in the kitchen at 3am (leaving a fat pan whilst on internet)
Since then, refusing to close the kitchen fire door
Unscrewing of his bedroom and the kitchen fire door closers
Bringing a wardrobe intot he house and leaving it on the landing - which is the fire escape route.
REfusal to maintain the kitchen in a hygeinic state (we are not nit picking here)

other issues that I am not sure contravene any contract law are deliberate noise making at anti-social hours (3-5 am), hurling furniture 'for fun', leaving the front door on the latch, raising the other tenants at all hours because he's forgotten his key..

My questions are
a) can I evict him and how quickly can it be done?
b) do I have to stand the rent for the remainder of the year if I
evict him?
c) are their any alternative solutions?

02/03/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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