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I have a man in my house as a lodger. I said could he please find somewhere else to leave that was 5 weeks ago and he has still not moved out. I don't know what to do because i know i can't physically touch him to get him out of house because then i would be accused of assault. What can i do to get rid of him. Since he has known i want him out of my house he has been saying i have been harassing him which is not true, in fact he has been making me feel unsafe in my house, he is genuinely very difficult and anti-social to live with and just is too lazy to move out and he thinks the way to stay in the house is just to intimidate me because he knows i can't physically get him out with me being female. Also he knows if he accuses me falsely of harrassment he can get the CAB and those kind of people trying to help him.
My question is legally what can i do to move this guy out because he won't go voluntarily. When i went away for the weekend he had a friend sleeping in my bed, it then turned out he has a key to my room (which wasnt got legally) so i really don't know what to do.
03/03/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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