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I am about to submit claim form N5B along with a section 21(4)(A) notice. The tenancy has reverted to a periodic after the original assured shorthold espired. I have a few questions.

Q. I dated the section 21 to expire on 11/03/07 it was served 4/01/07 and the rent is paid monthly on th 12th. Are my dates in order?

Q. What proof of service do I need relating to the section 21 notice?
(I served the notice in person with my spouse present as a witness, I did not get the tenant to sign for receipt so as not to inflame the situation). Should my partner sign a witness statement?

At the time I was still hoping for the tenant to 'come good' and I attached a covering letter with the section 21 notice as follows::-

'This notice is being served to start proceedings in gaining possesion of -----. I am taking this action in order to protect my interests in the event that rent arrears remain unpaid, late payments of rent continue or any other terms of the tanancy agreement are broken.'

Q. Should I send this letter with the claim form?

Q. If the tenants appeal could the covering letter be used to undermine the grounds for the section 21 notice

08/03/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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