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Ms S Christie
Ms S Christie
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I feel as though the courts have held my claim up with delays all the way through this process. It was the 18th December when I first sent all the court papers asking for re-possession. Then only by speaking to the Courts direct did I gained a court hearing on the 1st Feb 07 (otherwise it was going to be the end of March) and was granted re-possession, since then (through Lies and more lies) the Tenant is STILL residing in the property and after filing a form for the bailiff I have had to wait approx 10 weeks since the possession order was granted in court. I find this totally unnacceptable. It is the Courts who have delayed this and actually cost me more money by holding up this matter. Can I claim COMPENSATION for this hold up from the Court's?? I feel as though this is wrong, I am really struggling to pay the mortgage now after 9 months of this and the only person who is winning is THE BLOODY TENANT!! Also bearing in mind the Court Costs of 249, when in fact it is the courts which have in fact lost me 3 and a half months rental!

Also, I have been told that I can re-instate the money claim which I had already filed in the court papers in December. I have been told that I need to complete a form N244, although I cannot find it on the RLA website. Do you have it? or is there another way or form I can file for this claim. I need to do this very quickly now as I have been told the bailiffs have now been instructed to go on the 17th April 07. I would appreciate a speedy response.

Many thanks

A disillusioned Landlord!!!!!

12/04/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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