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Immoral Local authorities

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sutton coldfield caz
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I have just gone through the process of evicting a tenant who has been with me for a long time but now got into financial difficulties. Because she had been so good I accepted a 25% reduction in rent for 9 months but she approached me and said she couldn't even afford to run the house. She has tried to find a smaller cheaper property but there is a great reluctance in the area to take on Benefit tenants so she has been unsuccessful. Consequently I began eviction proceedings and her hope is that the council will house her and her 5 and 3 year old children. The court gave me possession on 8th August but the council housing department have told her if she leaves on that date she has made herself intentionally homeless and they don't have to do anything to house her. They have told her to disobey the court order and wait until I send in the Bailiffs. I couldn't believe a local government would tell a British citizen to disobey our courts but I have checked with them and yes they have. I ended by telling them they were morally bankrupt. As anyone else come across this - is it common among local authorities? It may not be illegal but it certainly stinks - I am not letting the matter drop. I have made a complaint to the Local Government ombudsman and the local councillor who is a magistrate and the MP who happens to be the minister for overseas development (I have asked him if he would like to concentrate a bit of effort on helping poor people in his own constituency) I may not get anywhere but it will make me feel better
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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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