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I had a tenant leave my property in November 2004.(did not use Courts) Since then the new tenants have had the bailiffs call twice asking them to prove who they were, court letters, numerous parking fines, banks chasing him via letters, leters from the Courts, mobility finance (supposed to be disabled, wont go into that one, so has a new car) as not paying finance to name but a few and still these letters and fines keep coming on a regular basis.
I have been to the Police who say they cannot do anything and shrugged their shoulders.Even the DVLC DID NOT WANT TO KNOW.If that was me or you, we would get the book thrown at us.

Has anyone any advice on what I can do to stop all of this. I have his car reg, dob.nat ins number but have not a clue how to trace him. He is not on local register but I know he is in the area, spent hours driving round at night trying to see his car but if he has it garaged Im snookered and will never find it. Is there not a bad tenants register somewhere so we do not get taken in by these proffessional fraudsters who know the system inside out. FAKE REFERENCES THE LOT. He left owing me a lot of money, rom day one for the 6 months until we helped him move out he paid no rent himself ,would it still be to late to chase him for it by court?

15/05/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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