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The court issued a N206A possession order to my tenant and the 14 days are up this saturday.She owes over a 1000 in rent which I am claiming with small claims with moneyclaim online and she should have received the documents this morning as she is still in the property and not responded to arrears letters or since early this year paid enything towards rent or arrears.
I have received a letter from her today stating that she is going to pay 600 this wednesday and try and find another 400 at the END OF JUNE!!!! She has sent a letter to the court in response to the N206A stating the same and to advise them that she is continually looking for alternative accomodation (I presume that is her 14 day response to them for the possession order) I am seeking possession as I want possession of my property,not for rent arrears (to slow a progress)
Will this response from her to the courts have any effect on the time it will take to get an order for her to leave?I presumed I would be seeing the back of her within a few weeks, surely not the end of June or later.. Does she not have to prove that her circumstances would be worse if evicted after 64 days then maybe 14 days.She could sit there all year.Help!!!
22/05/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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