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Tenant issued with section 21 at beginning of tenancy. After two months rent arrears i issued a section 8 -then he paid so i didnt take it to court. He has since run up another 2 months debt with the excuse that the bank sent it to the wrong person which i have later found out cannot happen! He broke agreement by having a dog and using the living room as a parking space for his motorbike. The house has several other damages which he made with the total estimated costs with rent arrears of 2,500. His tenancy expires end of July. I asked Rla's help and was told to go to money claim to get my money back. I did this and it cost me 120.I am still waiting but wont hold my breath. His dog was taken away by the rspca for neglect but not before it excreted throughout the house. The back window was broken so i was told by police to mend it . This i did and discovered the extent of damage . There are bags of rotting household waste in the cupboard under the stairs. Poo everywhere and the freezer full of gone off food because the elec meter ran out. The garden is full of bags of household waste which he did not remove even after repeatedly asking. To my knowledge he has not been back to the house,he wont answer my calls so there is no way of getting hold of him .HE has a small amount of furniture and bags of belongings at the house. I know he works cash in hand so the likely hood of my getting an attatchment of earnings is slim even though i have his NI number. All i want to do is gain legal access and clear the rotting rubbish and dog excrement so that the bluebottles dont multiply. I have asked a neighbour to ask him to sign a handing over paper which i wrote if she sees him (which is unlikely). What do i do Now????
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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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