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My problem tenant has sent me a letter saying she is leaving today!!!!!Fingers crossed again..But she has informed me by letter (not asked) that I have to meet her representative tom at the property at 3.00 to check the Itinerary and give the bond back and they will return the keys. The Bond I am not even going there, no way. but can she actually send a representative, surely it has be her?

How does the representative know what the property was like when she took the tenancy over and if the property is damaged in anyway or I am not happy about anything how can I discuss this with a stranger?

If the property is empty of all her possessions this evening, I have it in writng from her she is vacating today, I also have my possession and eviction order can I now take possession and change the locks?

If so, if the inventory and the property is ok can I then refuse anyone entry tomorrow, represenative or even her if I give a signed inventory list back saying things are ok. If things arent, obviously I would have to take them in to show them. I will also be taking pictures as the norm.

We are doing undercover shifts today to try and follow her to see just where she is moving to to get a forwarding address. If poss could I have a reply somethime today please as I wish to hopefully change the locks this evening.

Cheers and a hopefully after today a smiling Denis.t

14/07/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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