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2 months' rent o/s due for August &September, Tenants had sublet without my consent collecting 590 per month. Rent/month is just 800. No contacts and refusing to return my calls, but after many chase with the assistance of the subtenants, he gave me a cheque offor 1600 dated 2/09/07 which bounced. I issued form 21 notice and subsequent to this notice he paid in 540 in to the account and promising to paid the rest.

How can I deal with the matter

1) the subtenants - I have asked them not to pay to him any more and have told them the situation. Is it right to get involved with these subtenants and can I start to collect rent direct from them until expiry of notice at least to mitigate my overall loss. They seem cooperative and feared the consequence.

2) when can I start the small claim court proceeding for the arrears. I want to start now because it will be a waste of effort after the tenant has left where there would be no way to trace him. Does anyone know a company who can make and trace debtors.

3) Can I set up a new tenancy contract with the sub tenants after the notice has expired or before expiry, leaving my claim to a room for the main tenant.

4) If I start the proceedings now for the arrears, can I add further arrears before the court hearing?

Please advise

19/09/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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