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Good morning Dave,
On Weds 7th November the Croydon court ruled that our Tenant should leave within 14 and pay the unpaid rent due to us. I have a few questions about how to handle this last stage.

I assume this means that at 0800 on 21st November I can go round and ask her for the keys back and then change the locks after she has gone.
Can I ask the local police to be there as I think she may become abusive? If they won't do it who can I ask to witness it?
If she does not answer the door can I open it with my set of keys and see if she has gone or is this illegal, if a policeman is there I assume they can witness this?

I understand that if she is still there I cannot do anything further except put in an N325 to the court and request Bailffs to go in two weeks later. Can this process be speeded up?

Finally she has complained to the council about a defective hot water tap in the kitchen. The council have given me 28 days to repair it. If I take the full 28 days to do this job can I be accused of harrassment by her?
Thanks again for your help in this matter.
Paul Martingell
07836 748245

11/11/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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