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Just wanted to check on something here, and the correct forms/procedure to use.

I have a tenant who's been with me about 9 months - originally on a 6 month AST, with full rent paid in advance for the 6 months (this was her choice).
At 6 months she then renewed, and again wished to pay full 6 months in advance rent, therefore I decided the best course of action was to issue a new 6 months term AST, again which she was happy with.

This ends October 2012 timeframe, but she said that she is likely to leave earlier than this, around August time, as her family have bought her a new house which is currently undergoing renovation.

She's also said that she is not worried about any refund of rent to the end of contract (to October) as she realises she's signed up to this, so is happy to leave it.
This is absolutely fine with me, and her by mutual agreement - she's obviously keen to move into her new place, and I'm happy she's given me so much notice, and that I may in fact get the place back early and be able to start finding new tenants early.

So, I believe the process is a 'surrender' of the AST - is that right?
And are there any special forms or formats to use to word this mutual agreement to end the tenancy early?

And what about the fact that she is fully paid up to October? - once the surrender is made and signed by both parties, do I make note to this, and the fact that no refund will be made of rent up to Oct?
Does this in any way affect my ability to take back ownership of the property and to start a new tenancy?

Just want to make sure I'm covered properly - Looks like potentially I may have the property empty in August, and would like to get new tenants in there asap obviously, but unsure of how the existing tenancy will stand, particularly bearing in mind that it's also fully paid in advance.


25/06/2012 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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