Thick black mould everywhere!!!!!!HELP URGENT

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I rented a property to a family with 5 kids at the beginning of November
The property had just been totally renovated,including new damp course
I got a call on Monday morning asking me to go round because in her words "everywhere was black"
When I went in I couldnt believe my eyes
There was thick black mould collecting in corners of rooms,near windows ect ect and it was green and black and really thick.She had dragged clothes out of wardrobes that where all ruined spotted with this green/black mould
i got a company in that very day,called Envirovent.He said it was due to lifestyle cooking,bathing,drying clothes,baby bottle steamer,breathing,central heating ect ect and not ventilating the property correctly.
Problem is now I dont know where to turn next? Do I have to rehouse them?Am I responsible for all their damaged clothes,curtains ect ect ?
Am I responsible for the clean up?Getting a skip?Should I involve Enviromental Health? I just dont know what to do for the best and what Im responsible for?
When they went in there was no damp
Ive already arranged for a company called Envirovent to put in there fan and units which create airflow through the property and eradicate the damp problems
My insurance company are saying they will not pay out for something which is,in effect,the tenants doing!!!!!!
One more thing,the tenants are telling me that the neighbours had a canabis grow in their loft and they believe it wasnt ventilated properly but without proof then??????????
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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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