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Tenant leaving after 4 years - has been good tenent but I want to ensure nothing important missed when he leaves. Coulsd you please advise on how to manage the following:

1. Tenant gave one month's required notice verbally and followed up 1 week later by letter - is effective date the verbal or written date?
2.I will check inventory with tenant - no obvious damage but some carpets very worn/dirty and will require replacement - is this fair wear and tear or is it reasonable to withold damages deposit contribution towards new carpets?
3.How to deal with electricity bill - check reading with tenant and ask for forwarding address?
4.Any particular way to deal with damages deposit balance - cash or cheque?
5. Want to write to tenant to advise leave clean and no rubbish - if these requests not complied with - can cleaning / rubbish removal costs come out of damages deposit?

many thanks in anticipation of your advice on above and anything else of importance I should do before tenant leaves.

Debbie Herbst

I will obviuosly go through and check inventory with Tennant, but is there anything else i need to do.

My apologies in advance if this sounds very basic, but this is the first tennat that i have leaving a property.

01/04/2009 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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