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Eddie Rhodes
Eddie Rhodes
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I only have two properties which are next door but one from each other and I always managed them myself using documentation and advice from RLA. However, I had a bad tenant at one of the properties, which I had to recover and spend a fair amount on redecorating etc.. I was then having problems finding a suitable tenant so I entered into a to full management agreement with BLP Property Management of Spennymoor, but I've had nothing but problems since.

In March 2012, they put a tenant in that has caused a lot of damage and upset all the neighbours (who are personal friends of mine), with constant visits to the tenant from the police. I sent an email to the agent in October 2012, to issue an eviction notice and withold the tenants deposit until all the repairs were done. The agent didn't reply to my email but rang me and tried to talk me out of evicting the tenant, saying she was ok really, as if she was a friend? So I said that I would monitor her behaviour closely but I wanted all the damage to be repaired as soon as possible. The period of the tenants notice should have expired just before Christmas so I told the agent to leave it until the end of January when I returned from my holidays.

However, the damage has not been repaired and the situation has not improved, so I rang the agent to instruct them to take action on the eviction notice that I told them to issue in October. I didn't speak directly to the correct person and was told that he would ring me back within an hour. That was almost a week ago, so it leads me to believe that they haven't actually issued the notice that I told them to.

So how do I stand with the agent and the tenant? Will a new notice have to be served? Can I sue the agent for not issuing the notice?

I would appreciate any comments.

12/02/2013 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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