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i am a letting agent a friend of mine has a problem with a landlord where she currently rents. Basically he gave her a cheap rental deal on a bungalow in Dartmouth and in return my friend has put in new kitchen/bathroom/plastered walls etc, spent 5k. there was a hole in the roof at the time and he said he would fix it asap. That was in feb 12. Now her bedroom has slugs, snails and four buckets catching rain. she can't sleep because of the dripping. the room is damp and her clothes are covered in mildew. she is an Estate Agent and is finding it hard to hold down her job because of lack of sleep...

I am trying to rehouse her back to wolverhampton

the problem is that she is being forced to move. She has found out he is trying to get the place condemned so he can build on it and that's why he doesnt want to repair it

my friend has a child that has asthma and this has made it all worse. there is not room enough for all of the family now the one room has become unuseable. Also no gas cert and no epc...

her removal costs are going to be 1000.00+ which she doesnt' have. She is locked into contract until Feb 13.

what can she do?
does she have grounds to withold rent
does she have grounds to leave early
can she claim off him and for her stress/health problems caused by it?


28/08/2012 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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