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I recently got two tenants (a couple)in my property. Now they claim that the water pressure is not adequate and they cannot take proper shower.
They sent an e-mail quoting Clause 11b of the Landlord tenant act, and given me notice to get the problem sorted out within five days failing which they will get their own plumber and charge me for the work.I have consulted several plumbres in the past they all told me that this is a common problem and cannot be solved unless a collective effort is made.
The water pressure is a problem in that block for many years and there are no leaking pipes which needs repair. I as a landlord has very little control over the pressue as it depends on the water company which supplies water.
The tenant also threatend to reduce the rent by 21% until the problem is solved. I do not know where did they get this numbr of 21%.
I did check the clause 11b, and found that my responsibility is to keep all the fixers and fittings including pipes in good repair, which I have done.
Can you please advice me if the tenants have any legal stand to give a five days notice, and reduce my rent by 21% unilterally.
This property has been has occupied by a member of my family for the last 9 years and the water pressue proble arose only when the other taps opened when the shower is in use
01/08/2011 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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