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I had a tenant who got into arrears and owed me 1300, she said her sister in law had taken her bank card and then abused her when asked for it back. Not my problem I said. However she got warm air grant whilst in our property and asked if I would waiver the arrears if she left in the light of this. I was giving this some thought when her guarantor (not on the tenancy agreement) said he would rip the heating out and sell it if I did not agree. Rightly or wrongly to get the keys back and prevent any vandalism to the house, I waivered the arrears and got the keys but I gave the tenant only a note to say the credit was given providing there was no damage to the property.(not the guarantor) End of that I thought. On inspection they had painted the walls and ceilings dark brown but slapped it on with their eyes shut, so I had to pay 250 for a re-dec, they left rubbish total bill was 330. Housing benefit had been paying the tenant direct but before I agreed to waive the arrears I had applied for it to be paid to us and so they sent 195. They did write and tell the tenant this and so her guarantor rang me demanding that I gave him this money as he was entitled to it, having had the central heating put in. I told him he was not and that I couldn't give money out in any circumstances. He now rings 2-3 times a week demanding this money to such an extent I dont want to answer the phone and I have stopped doing so. I need to stop this but I am feared as our house is in the next street to where he lives that he will cause damage, it is still empty and I am about to sign up a new tenant next week. Are you able to advise.
04/02/2010 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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