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On Friday evening just gone I got a call from tenant stating the combi boiler was not working.

Next day Saturday I had a plumber look at the boiler by diner time who stated the boiler needs replacing.

30mins later I then provided the tenant with 3 new electric fan heaters has she had no form of heating. Told her that there is not a lot I can do about the hot water due to the boiler going down. Tenant explained that she will boil water for washing ect.

Today Sunday I have placed order for new combi boiler and awaiting delivery date.

Today Sunday tea time, Got a call from the tenant asking for money towards the cost of the electric to run the fan heaters and would I pay for her to stay in a B&B until the boiler it fixed.

1st question. is there any way I can provide hot water for the tenant on an emergency basis like I did with the fan heaters.

2nd question. I told the tenant I would help towards the cost of electric seem she only asked for 20-30. But am I entiteled to pay.

3rd question. Is the tenant entitled to move out in to a B&B and expect me to pay even though I have acted very quick in trying to resolve the matter.

The tenant is no trouble and always pay the rent on time so I do like to help the tenant where I can.



13/02/2011 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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